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How we work

1. Discover

During the "Discover" phase, we engage closely with you to capture your vision and the needs of your audience, setting a strategic foundation with thorough market research and clear objectives. It's about understanding and planning, ensuring every decision is informed and purposeful.

2. Route

In the "Route" stage, we meticulously design your site's architecture, mapping out user pathways and content hierarchy to create a seamless and intuitive experience for your customers. Our aim is to structure your information so that it's easy to navigate and resonates with users.

3. Envision

As we move into "Envision," our creative process unfolds through moodboards and wireframes, transforming your ideas into visual concepts that are refined until they perfectly align with your goals. This phase is a collaborative and iterative journey towards a design that truly represents your brand.

4. Articulate

In the "Articulate" stage, we elevate the visuals into high-fidelity designs that embody your brand's aesthetic, ensuring every element is scrutinized and approved by you before moving forward. It's about finalizing a design that speaks to your audience and stands out in the market.

5. Manifest

Finally, the "Manifest" phase is where our developers turn designs into functional, live websites, prioritizing fidelity to the original vision and thoroughly testing for performance. We launch your digital presence with precision and care, dedicated to delivering excellence that drives results.

About the founder

Diego is the founder of Reflow, a web development firm based in Orange County, CA.

Reflow helps companies of all sizes by scaling their digital presence with a best-in-class Webflow Website.

With a strong understanding of Webflow, and a track record of success in the agency space with one exit under his belt, Diego and Reflow are set to change the game when it comes to Webflow Development

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions to help you quickly get the information you need.

What services does Reflow offer?

Reflow offers web design, development, strategy, and copywriting, tailored to craft visually stunning and effective websites.

What is the process for developing a website with Reflow?

We've created the "DREAM" method - Discover, Route, Envision, Articulate, and Manifest. More information is shown in the "How We Work" section above.

What are the benefits of using Webflow for website development?

Webflow provides a flexible, intuitive platform for responsive design and seamless content management, enhancing user experience, site speed/performance and SEO.

What are the pricing models for Reflow's services?

Pricing is customized, reflecting the unique requirements and scope of each project. That said, we do offer both project-based and retainer packages.

How does Webflow pricing work?

Webflow offers a few different options for hosting, most likely your website will be on the CMS plan which is $29/mo.

Can Reflow help with website migrations to Webflow?

Yes, Reflow offers expertise in migrating websites to Webflow, ensuring a smooth transition process.

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