How Leadbird generated 150 qualified leads and $32k in deals closed in under 30 days

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Leadbird is an industry-leading lead generation agency that caters to B2B companies aiming to expand their lead pipelines and increase deal closures. Known for its innovative methods and impactful results, Leadbird partnered with our team to enhance their online communication strategy, specifically by emphasizing their competitive advantages.

The Challenge:

Although Leadbird held distinct advantages over their competitors, these were not being effectively communicated on their existing website. This led to a potential misperception of Leadbird's competitive position in the marketplace. Moreover, the existing online platform was underutilized, not fully serving its purpose as a tool to convert website visitors into potential business leads.

The Solution:

Our solution was built on a strategic approach and involved the creation of a dedicated Competitor Analysis Page to highlight Leadbird's market edge.


  1. Competitor Analysis: The initial phase involved generating a detailed list of Leadbird's direct competitors and gathering all the necessary information for an insightful comparison.
  2. Page Development: We then used Webflow CMS to construct a Competitor Analysis Page. This tool allowed us to programmatically create individual pages for each competitor, enhancing SEO and driving targeted traffic to the site.
  3. Promotion: To increase visibility and drive traffic to the newly developed page, we set up a strategically designed Google Ads campaign. Despite a limited budget, this campaign played a crucial role in directing potential clients to Leadbird's website.

The Results:

Following the launch of the Competitor Analysis Page, Leadbird reaped significant rewards. Within 30 days the campaign generated 150 new qualified leads, leading directly to 100 scheduled appointments. The most substantial marker of success, however, was the direct contribution to closing deals worth $32,000. These outstanding results underscore the effectiveness of a strategically developed and executed campaign.

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