Arcadia: How a Web3 marketing firm 3x'd revenue since their website launch

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Mickey Hardy is a significant player in the realm of Web 3 marketing, heading a marketing firm that has delivered almost nine figures in revenue for numerous big-name clients like Samsung, Sony, and Dragon Ball Z to name a few.
However, despite their substantial achievements, they faced challenges presenting a professional and exclusive brand image to potential clients.

The Problem:

Mickey's firm found that their initial impression, their website, failed to mirror the high-level professionalism and exclusivity they could provide. The existing website was too similar to competitors' platforms, which did not help differentiate them in the saturated market. This was particularly problematic when interacting with large brands who wanted to see their website and case studies before engaging in business. Mickey's realization of this issue led him to seek a distinctive website rebranding solution.

The Solution:

Mickey's firm approached the Reflow team to revamp their website, with assistance from a design agency, and to stand out and reflect the high-quality service they provide. The Reflow team worked closely with Mickey's firm to understand their needs, capturing their vision effectively. The development process was smooth, with Reflow being able to accommodate alterations promptly and efficiently.

The Results:

Since the launch of the new website, Mickey's firm has seen a significant improvement in its business metrics. They've been able to 2-3X their revenue, not by taking on more clients but by commanding higher upfront fees, attributing this to their improved brand image. The new website has received positive feedback, with many clients impressed by the professional design and development. Mickey's firm is now confident about sending their website to potential clients, showcasing their brand's exclusivity and professionalism. As a result of the success, Mickey has recommended Reflow's services to other firms looking to improve their online presence.

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