How Reflow Studio Guided My First DAO to Earning 23.865 ETH ($45k) in just 8 Days

Live Link: My First DAO


My First DAO is a new NFT project seeking to make strides in the expansive and dynamic world of Web3. Their vision was to create a unique NFT that unlocks access to a 6-month DAO learning program. As the NFT market is competitive and rapidly changing, they needed a strategic and compelling approach to stand out and successfully convey their value.

The Problem:

My First DAO faced the challenge of effectively communicating their unique value proposition in an overcrowded NFT market and converting this communication into successful token mints. While their in-house design team was capable, we provided guidance to create designs that were not only visually appealing but also succeeded in getting the message across and encouraging conversions.

The Solution:

Reflow Studio partnered with My First DAO to offer strategic consultation, guiding their in-house design team on creating compelling designs and adopting best practices for effective communication and conversion. Our collaboration was a meticulous, months-long process that aimed to develop a new website for the project that could accurately convey their unique value and motivate visitors to mint the DAOphin NFT.

We worked closely with My First DAO, focusing on design aspects that would optimize user engagement and conversion. We shared insights into design principles that would elicit interest and foster trust, guiding their team to create a user interface that was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also facilitated a seamless minting process.

The Results:

The results were impressive and the project was a resounding success. Within an 8-day period, the project earned 23.865 ETH in revenue, translating to approximately $45,000. The website succeeded in attracting a wide audience, with a total of 1,360 unique minters participating in the minting process.

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